• You must be able to communicate fluently in English; both verbal and written.

  • You must have a good quality microphone, with a recording area free from excessive background noise.

  • You must maintain membership of the TRLN Discord Server at all times in order to access TRLN RP Servers. Failure to do so will see your status revoked and may result in you having to reapply to the community.

  • You may never, under any circumstances, break character while in-game.

  • You may not ignore other players' attempts to roleplay with you.

  • You may not attempt to explain community rules/policy while in-character.

  • Should a rule-break occur in-game, all players should strive to continue the roleplay scenario without breaking character. Once completed, players may then submit all relevant reports. If the issue is urgent, you may reach out to a TRLN Administrator via Discord.

    • Player reports should be seen as a means to start a conversation, rather than a targeted attack towards another player, or towards yourself.

    • We encourage our players to use some form of screen recording software, such as Open Broadcast Software (OBS), or NVIDIA Shadow Play, to record their time in the server. This footage can be paramount in helping get to the bottom of reports, complaints, and concerns.

  • You may not exploit glitches, hacks, or any form of third-party software to gain any form of advantage, speed up mechanics, or otherwise “work around” intended server mechanics. Any bugs found are to be reported to Development immediately, and should not be replicated unless specifically requested by a member of our Team.

  • Forced relationship roleplay, rape, and sexual assault and/or harassment is strictly prohibited.

  • Supernatural Roleplay is strictly prohibited. You may play a character that believes they have supernatural abilities, or that believes they can obtain them, however they may not actually have those abilities, and you should be aware of the perception of such characters in a modern-day setting, and of the potential consequences to their beliefs and/or actions.

  • You may not disconnect from the server in order to avoid, or otherwise circumvent, an active roleplay scenario.

  • You may not broadcast any form of copyrighted material (music, clips from film, television, etc.) either over your microphone or via audio routing (GoXLR, VoiceMeeter, etc.) while in-game, outside of pre-approved events and/or performances, which will be announced with a disclaimer regarding the potential copyrighted content. Criminal activity should avoid such events, so as to not force law enforcement into situations where they may run into non-compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, should they happen to be broadcasting and/or recording their gameplay.

  • Suicide Roleplay is not allowed in any form.

  • Sexual Roleplay of any kind is not allowed in any form.

  • Pregnancy Roleplay is not allowed in any form.

  • Anyone caught stealing LEO vehicles are subjected to a 6-12 hour ban.







  • Rules, policies, rule enforcement, and disciplinary enforcement may be adjusted at the discretion of the Roleplay Team.

  • Personal insults, attacks, and harassment outside of specific roleplay scenarios is strictly prohibited.

  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Hate Speech, and all language and behavior that is derogatory in nature is strictly prohibited.

  • You must abide by the following, third-party Terms of Service;

  • Twitch Terms of Service

  • Twitch Community Guidelines

  • Discord Terms of Service

Terms of Service



  • You may not recreate popular/famous figures/characters from other servers/communities, from film, television, or other popular media. This includes obvious parody, such as a character named Bill Clinton who helps his physics professor, Walter Black, produce and sell “candy.”

  • All characters should strive for a sense of realism in their design, with care taken to avoid unrealistic facial proportions, and overtly silly names.

  • All characters must be able to communicate verbally. If you wish to roleplay a character that is unable to do so, for whatever reason, you must first reach out to the TRLN Administration Team for consultation.

Meta Gaming

  • All character knowledge regarding server events, character development, and so on, must be learned through roleplay. You may not take information from livestreams, YouTube videos, and/or other out-of-character sources, and then act upon it in-character. This would be a form of meta-gaming, and is strictly prohibited.

  • Using the overhead Player ID, inventory menus, or other in-game mechanics to identify another player is strictly prohibited, unless the mechanics are clearly designed to do so, such as police finger printing. 


                                        Power Gaming


  • A more broad term, “Power Gaming” can be defined in the following two ways;

    • Using exploits and/or abusing game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage over other players, which is strictly prohibited.

    • Forcing another player into a scenario in which they have no alternatives than the options laid out by you, including forcing a status, injury, or other permanent effect onto them. For example, you may not remove a feature (finger, eye, moustache, etc.) from another character without expressed, out-of-character consent from their player to do so.


Grand Theft Auto Driving

While Grand Theft Auto V is considered, at least somewhat, to be an arcade-style game in places, that does not mean that all of the driving patterns and styles that’d be seen in the single player game, or in GTA Online, belong on our roleplay server.

  • You should be aware of the speeds at which you travel, avoiding travelling at extreme speeds for absolutely no roleplay reason. Driving at 100MPH+ constantly makes zero sense.

  • While we do not explicitly prohibit using any stunt jumps around San Andreas, we encourage players to be aware of overusing such things, and to avoid turning certain jumps into a “meta” for things like police escapes. Should jumps become overused, they will be blocked using in-game props.

    • Any ramp off of the roof of a building should not be used.

    • Any jump that would realistically kill you should be avoided.