Policy A : Respect & Server Threats 

(1) Any and all members (Recruit,Member,Staff,Administration,etc.) are required to show a level of respect towards other members of the community at all times.

(2) Hard-R usage is prohibited at all times. Any form of the N-word is also prohibited at all times.(No exceptions to Race,Color,Creed,Ethnicity,Etc)
(3) Jokes,Memes and statements that are discriminatory against any race,disability,gender etc are prohibited.

(4) Sending or threatening to send any link to a virus, IP collector or other malicious content is prohibited.
(5) Threats or attempts of DDOSing,Hacking or blackmailing community members will not be tolerated.

(7) Threats or acts of violence outside of the scope of roleplay will result in your membership being revoked.

(8) Use of any mod menu,Voice injector,cheat or other tool not provided by the server will be subject to a perm ban.

(9) Sexual Harassment (any unwelcome sexual advances or comments) is prohibited at all times. This includes all types of sexual RolePlay.

(10) Respect towards Staff Member(s) actions/decisions regarding any given situation is required at all times. If you feel you were treated unfairly, do not argue with the staff member but submit a staff complaint ticket in the main discord.

(11)Arguing Verbally and/or via text chat is prohibited. If an argument is started, a member of Staff is to be notified immediately. Do not attempt to settle the situation yourself.

(12) All members of the TRLN department assets are not allowed to have memberships within other public servers department assets. (Meaning you may not be in our departments and in other departments elsewhere in the public server listing.) Exception to rule you may be apart of a whitelist servers assets if you are not on the staff team within TRLN




Policy B : Abuse of Channel/Offices

(1)Going AFK in any public channels (e.g. lobbies) is prohibited 

(2) Channels/Offices should not be used to exclude any members.(exemption CEO OFFICE security purposes)

(3) Lounge channels are not to be used for 10-1s. 

(4) While 2 or more members are in a 10-1 channel (Patrol  10-1 Lobbies),

you are prohibited from joining the channel without permission from all other members in the channel. Staff+ may join a 10-1 channel without authorization for official staff duties only.
(5) Staff RTO is for authorized staff personnel only. The dragging of any non staff personnel is prohibited. 
(6) Staff Lounge and other Staff channels are not a hang out for regular members.

(7) Joining field training room channels such as (ftr 1,2, and 3) is also prohibited without reason. Which can warrant a discord timeout or kick.

Policy C : Abuse of Power                                                                                                                                                                   

(1)  Any tag that gives one special ability not normally obtained is not to be abused in any way, shape or form (e.g. moving someone without permission, etc.)

(2) Changing the name or description of a channel is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by a member of administration or the Channel/Office owner.

(3) Your display name on all TRLN assets, apart from the exceptions listed below shall only include the following : First Name, Last Name. Unit number(s).

(4) Do not attempt to impersonate Staff+ or enforce rules if you are not Staff+. If you notice a rule violation, report this to the appropriate members in Chain of Command.

(5)You must wait a minimum of 30 days in your current department before requesting a transfer. 

(6) Rank is considered a privilege; abuse of rank will result in demotion.

Policy D : TRLN Patrols

(1)Push to talk is required in patrol lobbies at all times.

(2) All members of the TRLN are required to have a clear and working microphone, as well as a headset while in patrol lobbies.

(3) All RTO Channels must be respected. No foul language is to be spoken in these channels

(4) Members must be in your respective TeamSpeak Channel before joining the FiveM server queue. (TeamSpeak is currently under maintenance) 

(5) All department personnel will activate at a police department within the given AOP.
(6) All department units are required to be in a Radio Transmission Only channel (RTO) at all times while activated or in service. 



Policy E : Respect Administration Team & Their Decisions 

(1)Do not ask for promotions.

(2) Do not question decisions made by the Administration Team.

(3) Do not lie during any investigation (conducted by staff, Administration or Internal Affairs)

(4) Do not disrespect the Administration Team in any way.

(5) Head Administration is the highest level of staff and, as such, their decisions are final. 

(6) You must aid Chain of Command members.



Policy F : Chain of Command (COC)

(1) Do not skip ranks,even if the next ranking member can solve the problem. 




Policy G : Discord Rules 

(1) Do not spam in any of our text channels

(2) Do not post or say anything to intentionally disrespect, offend or otherwise antagonise other members of the community

(3) Racism is strictly prohibited

(4) No leaking other members personal information without their explicit permission

(5) Do not post anything classified “NSFW” in any text channels

(6) Do not excessively tag members in any text channels

(7) Mic-spamming is prohibited in voice channels

(8) No Self Promotion unless classified in channel description or given permission.

(9) All fights no matter how big or small should be taken directly to DM’s.

(10) No member or staff disrespect of any kind.

(11) All decisions made by staff members are final and arguing in text channels is prohibited. 

(12) Do not have an offensive name or game activity.


Policy H : In-game Rules 


(2) RDM: Random Death match VDM: Vehicle Deathmatch METAGAMING: Using Information Out of Roleplay.

(3) Follow New Life Rule (NLR). No force RP at anytime (e.g NFRP)

Fear RP is to be used at all time as well. (e.g FRP)

You may not return to the spot of death within 15 Minutes Wait 15 Minutes before RPing as that Character/PED.

(4) You must always have a working/clear microphone in game.

(5) No NITRP, FAILRP or Trolling - NITRP: No Intent To RolePlay.

(6) Use of Naked peds are not allowed including default peds and male and female MP characters. 

(7) Server speed limit 150. No member should pass this speed at any time this includes staff and high command. (exception to this would be stopping other violators). 

(8) No Powergaming - This occurs when using either in-game or roleplay mechanics to alter an rp situation so it best suits your desires in an unrealistic or unfair manner.
(9) No Cop Baiting - This is when a person unethically taunts an officer to chase them or pursue them with force. This is only considered Cop baiting when it continues more than twice and is unwarranted.

(10) No GTA Driving - This is when someone uses the GTA physics in-game to drive a vehicle in ways that their real-life life counterparts would not be able to do. (EX: Driving a supercar up mountains and offroading with it. As well as jumping off cliffs with it. In Gta it can happen fine, but IRL it is unethical and Unrealistic)

(11) Peacetime, Cooldown, Priority starting - When peacetime is on you are not allowed to use weapons, start violent, or run/ resist LEO. When the cooldown is on you cannot start a priority or run from LEO. If you are going to start a priority you must wait until the current one is already over. For example, if there is an active bank robbery don’t start a 24/7 robbery while that one is going on. 

(12) Out of Character - OCC should be used only when regarding or conducting a staff sit or a non-roleplay necessary comment. Other than that once you join the server you should be ready to RP and in-character at all times. You are prohibited from calling people out from a non-rp name. EX: a Discord name or an ID number above their head. That is what is considered to be OOC information. If something needs to be said simply type in chat /OOC. If that is not used anything else said in the in-game general chat is OOC

(13) Green Zones - Green zones are in place to prevent priorities from starting within them. Green zones are to be treated like peacetime is on. If you are in a green zone you cannot shoot, steal cars, or cause any violent RP.  They are there to be a safe place for everyone in a way like a hospital or an embassy.


Whitelist In-game Rules: 

(1) All the rules above still apply

(2) Suicide RP is allowed, Hitman RP is allowed, Bounty hunter RP is allowed, Sexual RP is allowed

Policy I : Miscellaneous 

(1) Forming a group or “clique” (a group of persons one “hanging out with;” alienating others) within the community is prohibited. 

(2) At no point should you use the same name of any other member or administrator. This includes Profile Pictures. (this counts as Trolling )

(3) At no point should you ask about applications, or attempt to push the envelope for your own self-gain (e.g Whitelist LEO, Whitelist Civilian, Staff,ETC.) 

(4) At no point should staff become irrational in public or private discord chats including DM’s.
(5) All developed scripts, cars, menus, injectors, mods and ETC added to TRLN’s server Files become Property of the TRLN LLC.

6) As a civilian you are NOT permitted to steal or take LEO whitelisted vehicles. If you are caught doing so the following punishments will take place:

  • Staff: Removal 3 Day Ban 

  • Member: 12 Hour Ban  

  • Off Duty Leo: 1 Day Ban and Removal from Department


Policy J : LEO department Server rules 

(1)You must wait a minimum of 30 days in your current department before requesting a transfer. (Once the rank of a supervisor is reached, you will no longer be eligible for transfer)

(2) Members must abide by all community and department procedures, policies and/or guidelines at all times.

(3) If you must resign/transfer you will not be blacklisted but must wait 60 days before applying to the same department again. (Ex. BCSO to SAHP you can apply back to BCSO in 60 days.) 

(4) If you transfer or leave without warning you will be subject to a Department Blacklisting.
(5) Both departments must agree to the transfer. Management has Zero Say in Promotions and Transfers. If a transfer happens without both departments agreeing the department in question may be subject to changes, demotions, terminations. 

(5) In order for you to retire, you must meet the requirements set in your department SOP.

(6) If an issue arises, you are to follow the chain of command of the department you retired from.




Policy K : Inactivity & Removals 

(1)If a member is to become inactive from TRLN for more than 14 days, a “Leave of Absence” (LOA) post must be made by the member  to their department's forms. (This includes the staff team)

(2) LOA’s are allowed for up to 30 days. If a member requires an LOA longer than 30 days, they must get High Command approval 

  • The maximum amount of time the Administration can grant a LOA without ownership's approval is 3 months. After the 3 months have elapsed and the member has not returned, they will be removed and asked to re-apply.

  •  To be considered for waiver of activity requirements, you may submit a Leave of Absence of length no less than 7 days and up to 30 days.

(3) If a member does not meet department requirements they may be demoted one rank. After 12 days of not meeting department requirements they may be demoted one rank. After 30 days of not meeting department requirements they may be subject to a termination from the set  department. 

(4) The Administration must provide 48 hours notice before removal from the community or department. 

(5) An  LOA is a community wide leave of absence. A person may not take an LOA in a specific department while not being absent from another department/operation. (Ex. you must be LOA in all server assets)

(6) While a member is on LOA, patrolling is prohibited in the main department and reserves, but logging onto channels in discord is permitted.

Policy L : Punishment of Policy Violations 

The staff and administration of the TRLRP community have the right to issue discipline to any member for any violations of any of the above policies . All punishments depend on severity and occurrence. General disciplinary actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Demotion of rank 

  • Suspension 

  • Removal of privileges ( sub-divisions, reserves departments, FTO, media, Offices. etc.)

  • Promotional holds 

  • Termination of membership



TRLN  EST. 2020