About Us

EST. 2020

TheRedLineNetwork was started in late 2020 by a group of friends united by one movement to be the greatest FiveM Roleplay server. From our experience of understanding hostile servers' and one-sided views only make us more independent, popular, and universal.


Our Story

During 2020, at the start of a worldwide pandemic, many found themselves at home. The elongated time spent home in quarantine allowed a group of friends to create the most relaxed DOJRP this platform has ever been exposed to. In our early days, TRLN took on 8 owners, simultaneously, proving hardships this server has overcome. Out of the hardships that come with a brand new server, TRLN continued to show effort which led us to gain 1000 new members in the first month of being open. Usually, we are mistaken with the server "Redline RP", to which we don’t have relation. TRLN has seen its ups and downs throughout the year they have been open, whether that has been the challenges with leadership or conflictions with other servers. Even though these challenges get in their way, they continue to show effort and strive towards the goal of 10,000 members.


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